Damp proofing

New Era Coatings specialises in damp proofing on internal and external walls, be it up high or at DPC level, including slurry-coating. We also specialise in crack repair and re-plastering.

Three main causes of damp.

  • Penetrating damp: a common form of damp, it’s when moisture gains a foothold in the structure of a building though a weak point, like porous bricks, missing or cracked roof tile or gaps in window frames.
  • Rising damp: this is when moisture from the earth slowly raises upwards through porous building materials though a process known as capillary action.
  • Condensation: the air we breathe always contains some moisture: more in humid conditions and less in dry conditions. A air cools it starts changing state from a gas to a liquid. As it reaches saturation point, little droplets of water are formed and this is known as condensation. Condensation often accumulates in the corners of window frames and on cold surfaces. General household’s activities like bathing or showering, cooking or using the tumble dryer and cause condensation in homes.